Laia Sanmartin is a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona. She lives and works mostly in Switzerland and Germany (Recently in Spain).

Her first experience started in Street-theater. She studied Superior Technique of Dramatic Arts, Circus School, and Decroux's Dramatic Mime Technique in Barcelona. At the age of 23, she moved to Switzerland where she obtains a Bachelor in Movement Theatre in the Scuola Teatro Dimitri. In Switzerland, she was one of the funders of the physical theatre Collective Spettatori.

As an independent artist she created her own clown solo Never Ever Frufruland, SOLA (a dance solo) and she is teaching “theatre improvisation” in differents workshops.

The last years she participated in different productions with the director Volker Hesse, as an actress, choreographer and co-director.

Currently she is co-directing together with Alba Sarraute the new project Desdémona for the Grec Festival, Barcelona.